Small Achievements

Last weekend I traveled to Christchurch to spend time with my three children, alone. My partner became unwell the morning we were supposed to travel so I got on the plane by myself, anxious of the two full-on days ahead of me. I am pleased to report that not only did I survive, but I was reasonably successful in keeping the peace and creating an enjoyable time for all of us with various activities and play dates. It is a massive ego boost to have come out the other end of the weekend feeling this way, I did it, I managed all three children on my own for two days! This is a huge achievement for me since previously I’ve really only been able to cope with one on my own due to challenging behaviour being a big trigger for me. I put this down to a couple of things, being on the right medication, learning some skills and knowing which behaviours I don’t want to express around my children. The weekend did present some challenges but they were managed fairly well. I’m chuffed.