Time To Get To Work

I haven’t worked in over 18 months. I had to leave my previous job due to the severe decline in my mental health and the need for hospitalisation. With the frequent crises it’s really not been possible for me to gain or maintain employment and I have been living on various medical based benefits.

I have recently felt the need for something else in my life. My mental health is still somewhat touchy with my last crisis being only about six weeks ago. I’m finding myself returning to the black hole of depression, unable to get myself out of bed unless I had somewhere to be and even then only at the very last minute or when a visitor knocks on the door. I decided I need to try to work again. I need a reason to get up in the morning. I need something to not only fill in some time and keep me occupied, but to provide me with a sense of accomplishment and contributing. 

The voluntary work is still there, however there seems to be very little, a day or two once a month.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to update my CV and drop it into a couple of places, I also applied for a job that was full time but stated I was only looking for part time work at the moment.

A week later I was called up from two of the places for job interviews! The first one at the place I applied at, I thought would be a reasonably relaxed interview but it was fairly textbook with proper interview questions and I felt a bit unprepared to answer them well. I used the first interview as a good practice and to get ideas for the second and in the end the second interview was so relaxed I didn’t need it at all. 

Both places now want me to work on a casual basis and I’m not sure whether I’ll take on one of them as it is a stressful environment. The other however I’m quite excited to be doing a training shift early next week, the place and their staff are so lovely and supportive, even when I disclosed a small part of my mental health history (as the reason I didn’t want to pick up large blocks of work right now).

So another wee achievement. I will update on how the training session goes next week but I am feeling confident.