Month: June 2018

End of Therapy

I had my last session with my psychologist yesterday and have officially finished therapy. No more twice-weekly trips to the hospital to see various people. It will be strange and I will miss her but it also feels great to have come so far, I have worked so hard to get to where I am… Continue reading “End of Therapy”


Well, I just checked my junk mail folder and there was a rejection letter sitting there from the SPCA. I’m gutted. I really thought I had a good chance at getting the job and was looking forward to a change of scenery, an interesting job and better pay. Now I’m going to have to go… Continue reading “Rejection”

An Apology

Just had my usual Monday FaceTime with the boys. C was crazy and grumpy as per usual, wouldn’t tell me about his birthday party yesterday. T was quiet and J had written an apology letter for me saying sorry for swearing and annoying the boys on Saturday. I’m not sure if he was prompted by… Continue reading “An Apology”

Final Law Exam

I have just done my final law exam online. I got 90% which I’m fairly pleased with. I did think I’d done a little better than that as I had time left over and checked my answers. Overall though I think 90% is a good result.  Bring on block course in a week’s time.


Well, today was interview day!  I got to the airport early but there were some announcements alerting that flights to christchurch may be disrupted due to thick fog at the airport there. Sure enough, christchurch flights, one after the other were delayed. First of all it was only half an hour so I called my… Continue reading “Interview”


I received a call from the SPCA yesterday asking if I got an email last week regarding an interview.  I hadn’t, it had gone to my junk mail!  As it turns out I have been asked to attend an interview this Thursday at 11:30am at the SPCA in Christchurch for an intern Animal Welfare Inspector… Continue reading “Shortlisted”

Weight Loss

I used to be an athlete, a petite 5’4″ and 54kg at my fittest.  I slowly gained weight with each pregnancy then ballooned when my mental health declined and I was emotional eating or binging, frequently making bad choices.  I am now around 106kg, almost twice what I was at my fittest! I feel disgusting… Continue reading “Weight Loss”