I received a call from the SPCA yesterday asking if I got an email last week regarding an interview.  I hadn’t, it had gone to my junk mail!  As it turns out I have been asked to attend an interview this Thursday at 11:30am at the SPCA in Christchurch for an intern Animal Welfare Inspector role, the time and date non-negotiable due to the nature of the interview and time constraints.  I am very lucky that I happen to be travelling to Christchurch on Thursday morning already for my 5 year old’s birthday and to spend time with the kids at the weekend.  The interview fits in perfectly with my day. I will have time to get from the airport to pick up my rental car then head straight to the SPCA.  I’ve been told the process will take 1.5 hours and consists of an interview, interpersonal exercise and in-box exercise.  I’ve had to look up what in-box exercises are as I had no idea.  It looks like they give you a stack of things to work through like you’ve been away for a couple of weeks and return to a full tray of work, you then have to prioritise the jobs and action them appropriately.  I have no idea what the scenario will be but I’m feeling a tad worried!  There’s going to be five people on the interview panel, each of them some sort of manager.  Needless to say this is a big deal for a very important job and I’m a little terrified of the process and my ability to do the job.  This is what I am studying for though and I’m hoping my studies along with my extensive vet nursing background will give me an edge over other applicants.