Well, today was interview day!  I got to the airport early but there were some announcements alerting that flights to christchurch may be disrupted due to thick fog at the airport there. Sure enough, christchurch flights, one after the other were delayed. First of all it was only half an hour so I called my car rental company to make sure they could have my car ready for me as soon as I got there andnis still make my interview time. I also emailed my contact at the SPCA to inform them I may be a little late due to being stuck at the airport with a delayed flight. As it turned out, she and one other of my interviewers were also stuck at Auckland airport. The flight was further delayed another half hour and both flights for christchurch left at about the same time.  There was talk of rescheduling my interview to 5:30pm but when I got to christchurch a further communication said I could go right then if it suited so off I went!

it only took around an hour. The interview itself wasn’t too terrifying. That was followed by an exercise where I had to interview a staff member who role played someone calling in having witnessed a person beating a dog. She took all my notes the. We went to another room for the in-box exercise which was actually two exercises, the first had theee scenarios that were called in and I had to prioritise them in order of urgency and explain why I chose the order I did. The second exercise was the same idea but with two very similar scenarios which I found were hard to prioritise one over the other.

I have come away feeling relieved and quietly confident. I should hear back early next week whether or not  I was successful.