A Day With The Boys

I spent the day with my children today and had been looking forward to it for a long time as I don’t get to spend much time with them.  The day started well with a 9am pick up and a play at McDonalds while enjoying a hot chocolate.  Then things started to go pear-shaped as they usually do, the kids started to get over excited, squealing and swearing.  We left McDonalds and headed for my Grandparents’ place where we visit most weekends I have them.  Things went from bad to worse. The older two arguing, swearing and just generally being disrespectful and loud. ‘J’ in a heated moment let slip that “Daddy says you’re a bad Mummy”, shortly followed by “Nannie says you’re mean to Daddy” and “Nannie thinks it’s stupid you got ‘C’ a jacket for his birthday because he already has two”. Wow, as if the language alone wasn’t bad enough, this floored me.  I think my ex is a prize w****r but I’d never bad mouth him in front of my kids. I think that is disgusting and so unfair on them.  There was a small window of peace while ‘C’ politely ate his lunch after removing himself from sitting with his brothers.  The silly business continued though and eventually we left to give my poor grandparents some peace and to go and burn off some steam at the park.  Things started well at the park but soon one child took off with another’s scooter or bike and all hell broke loose. Then some older kids got called “penis” and scooters were being thrown around the concrete skate park like they were rugby balls so we left.  Almost out of ideas of what to do with the kids and about at my wits end with their behaviour for most of the day we headed to another park while ‘C’ cried and cried because we left. I had warned him that we were leaving due to throwing the scooters around and he went to take off when I stopped him, he was not happy.  ‘J’ realised he had been particularly naughty and apologised to me in the car.  The second park went much better with the kids behaving themselves. The park is set up like a miniature road with little road signs, crossings and a round about, it’s quite cool.  The kids had a good run around there and we left when they got worn out. We played I-spy in the car on the way home which was interesting with only one child who can spell lol.

I dropped the boys home, which was not where I picked them up from so I had to get an Uber to get to my rental car.  Dropped the car back at the rental company and headed off to the airport to come home.  It’ll be three to four weeks before I see ‘C’ and ‘T’ again in the school holidays at which time ‘J’ will be in Sydney with his paternal Grandparents.