An Apology

Just had my usual Monday FaceTime with the boys. C was crazy and grumpy as per usual, wouldn’t tell me about his birthday party yesterday. T was quiet and J had written an apology letter for me saying sorry for swearing and annoying the boys on Saturday. I’m not sure if he was prompted by his father to write this or if he decided to do it on his own. Made my eyes leak a little.

I did write their father an email regarding the kids’ behaviour on Thursday and Saturday as it was just so bad I could hardly believe it. I have suggested he installs some sort of family internet protection as J accesses YouTube content that is inappropriate for his age and I’m sure other things as well as he is a smart kid and knows his way around an iPad/the internet. He also plays video games that are not age appropriate. So it is my conclusion that most of the bad language likely stems from unsupervised internet usage and gaming and no doubt some of it comes from school too. We really need to do something to nip it in the bud as it’s really bad eg. J not getting what he wants so tells me he f’ing hates me and storms off pulling the finger at me. There are many other words and attitudes that are also terrible, C and T copy and it sounds awful coming from kids that are so young.