Block Course 2

I have just finished 6 days of study at Unitec, my second block course for Animal Welfare Investigations. It was rather full on. We covered the subjects of animal husbandry, tactical communication, small and large animal euthanasia, interview techniques, investigations and forensics. We had two assessments, one for euthanasia which comprised of two parts, small and large animal. For the small animal assessment we had to talk our way through a scenario and demonstrate on a dead rat (which we were to pretend was a rabbit) how we would euthanise it on the side of the road and how we would ensure our method had been successful. The large animal euthanasia assessment involved shooting a cow head (yes they sourced actual fresh cow and sheep heads for the assessment) with a captive bolt gun then pithing it with a screwdriver which was rather unpleasant. Our second assessment was to conduct a mock suspect interview. We received all the witness statements and photographs and files from a real case and had to interview our ‘suspect’ for her side of the story.
I’m pretty tired after doing up to 10 hours a day for 6 days, I’m used to doing nothing and certainly not exercising my brain that much lol.
I now have four assignments (poster on a welfare issue in NZ, euthanasia, investigation file and work experience report), an exam (investigations) and 20 hours work experience plus another 6 hours attending court to do over the next month or so. With the move next week and current job hunt I am a little worried about how I’m going to fit everything in, especially if I am successful in gaining employment!
I have applied for two vet nursing jobs and have an interview for one so far next month. I’ve just learned the SPCA in Christchurch has in the last two weeks opened a new vet clinic on site so I will be sending my CV there too.