Road Trip

Well, we made it, 1074km in total! I drove about half of the North Island then M took over and drove the rest of the way to Wellington. We had a yummy dinner at a pub called Gasworks. I had pork belly with garlic mash and cabbage with a rich gravy, it was delicious! We had some time to kill before we could board the ferry so we went for a drive up Mt Victoria to the lookout then around the Miramar peninsular. Did a quick supermarket trip for snacks (which we never ended up eating lol) then onto the wharf to await ferry boarding. We had to wait probably an hour and a half before we boarded. We watched all the trucks go on first, then we were one of the first cars. Once on board we found our cabin then headed back downstairs for a cup of tea before we retired for the night somewhere close to 1am. I took a while to fall asleep then was woken by an announcement when we left the port after only half an hour of sleep. I must have briefly fallen back asleep but was woken by the rocking and some noise downstairs, I thought we’d arrived in Picton, but nope, still 2 hours to go lol I then couldn’t get back to sleep because of the rocking, noise and feeling a bit seedy.
We got into Picton a little early around 6am and were about the second car off the boat. We stopped to grab a bite to eat at a local bakery then started on our journey south. M drove the rest of the way as I was far too sleep-deprived to drive. The new road into Kaikoura is well under way and it took a while to get through all the roadworks. We stopped for breakfast in Kaikoura then continued on. We arrived in Christchurch early afternoon, unpacked the car and even got in a trip to my storage lock up in the afternoon to collect necessities such as my drawers, bookcase and tv.
We returned to the lockup on Friday and reorganised the whole thing. I grabbed a bunch of stuff to put on TradeMe and we packed the car up with more boxes.
I’ve pretty much sorted everything out and settled in but I still have a couple of boxes in my room to empty and get rid of.