Job Hunting

I’m still applying for jobs. I’ve had a call from my claims adviser at Sovereign saying I’m no longer eligible for my claim due to getting the ok from my doctor to work 20 hours per week (this is roughly what I was working prior to taking out my income protection claim). They’re giving me a couple of months buffer to find a job which is good of them, it means I don’t have to go on a WINZ benefit in the mean time which would have been hell as I can hardly afford my expenses as it is.
I applied for another SPCA job yesterday, for an Inspectorate Administrator position. It sounds like it could be quite interesting, working alongside the inspectors. They did require applicants to have a certificate in animal welfare investigations but I’m hoping I have met their criteria even though I’m still studying.
I also applied for another vet nursing job in critical care but withdrew my application upon learning the shifts were 4 days of 12 hours dayshift, 4 days off, 4 days of 12 hour night shift. It would have been impossible to work contact time with the kids around it and it would have probably zombified me!
Hoping for a good outcome from the SPCA position, otherwise I still have the vet nursing interview some time next month at another clinic.