Keto On

I made the decision to start a new way of eating when I moved to Christchurch, what better opportunity!? I have been researching the Ketogenic Diet for about 3 months now and finally took the plunge and started last week. Keto is a high fat (60-75%), low carbohydrate (5-10%), moderate protein (15-30%) diet.
I am a week in and doing pretty well having lost 1kg so far. I’ve been mostly able to stick to my daily macros, though it is hard to keep below 20g of carbs a day. All my carbs are coming from vegetables and a small amount from dairy. I have not missed carbs or sugar at all. I do fantasise about doughnuts occasionally haha but I’ve not had any real cravings or any side effects from cutting out carbs.
I’ve found the food quite tasty and filling. I love having a splash of cream in my coffee and I am a huge fan of cheese so that goes down well as a snack if I’m hungry in between meals.
This way of eating so far has been a lot easier than I expected but it can be quite expensive. Items like coconut oil, butter, cheese, cream, cream cheese, almond meal/flour, bacon and other meats can be quite expensive but obviously some of it I don’t have to buy every week. I accidentally bought too much meat in my last grocery shop as I’m getting at least two meals out of every portion I cook so far so I probably won’t have to buy any meat next week. Lunches can be a bit tricky but I’ve been having things like frankfurters with a couple of boiled eggs and coleslaw or leftovers.
My favourite meal so far has been fat head pizza, with a dough made from grated cheese, cream cheese, an egg and almond meal. I added Italian herbs and a teaspoon of crushed garlic to the recipe and it was awesome. For toppings I had tomato paste, grated cheese, mushrooms, salmon and cream cheese.