September Update

It’s been a while and not a lot has changed to be honest.  I’m still being fairly strict with my diet and have lost a total of 6kg in 7 weeks which I’m pretty happy with, this is without exercise. Still enjoying the food though finding it difficult to eat lunch and have a bit of variety.

The child custody issues are complicated and still ongoing. I’m still having the boys every second weekend and not seeing them during the week other than our two FaceTime calls.
We have recently had meetings with both school boys’ teachers. C is adjusting to school life well after a bit of a disruptive start. He has been a bit defiant and rude but is learning this is not OK at school and is even picking his teacher flowers from around the school.
J is doing very well academically. He is 7 years old and reading at around a 10 year old level. He is a great speller and also doing well in maths. Socially he seems to be doing ok as well which is great.
J has been showing some signs of stress and frustration outside of school recently and has been alluding to harming himself as a way to deal with it which is a bit of a worry. This is an ongoing issue and I’m investigating management options at the moment.

J has refused contact the past two contact weekends. I’m not sure exactly why, though apparently one weekend he wanted to do the groceries with Daddy on the Saturday and couldn’t give me a reason for the Sunday. Last weekend he had a birthday party to attend and it had been prearranged that he would not be coming with me. I have suggested to my lawyer that his lawyer talks to him about how contact works and that if these things fall on my contact weekends it is up to me to arrange getting him there, it’s still my contact weekend.

I’m still job hunting.  I have applied for quite a few jobs and am halfway through the recruitment process for a Customs Officer position.  I am however not in the position to turn down a job if I am offered one so with the process for Customs taking so long I may end up having to let it go.  I have a job interview for a customer service position on Thursday this week and am quite hopeful for that one.