A Good Weekend

I had a great weekend with the boys this weekend. Flip Out trampolining, Catnap Cafe, gondola ride and a visit with the great grandparents.

J and I have had our first therapy session last week which went well. After him visiting me at home, playing with my flatmate’s puppy and trying to find the cats to play with I thought it might be a cool idea to take him to the cat cafe for a play with the kitties.¬† Well, he loved it. I have not seen him laugh and smile so much in a very long time. He was respectful, excited and expressed his wishes to go again. It might just become a regular for us. The happiness helps build a positive relationship between us as all negativity is forgotten. The stress relief of being around animals is also good for J as he gets to express the kind, caring side of his nature and benefit from the calming effect the animals have. I will have to have a think about what other animal experiences we can have, maybe horse riding or reading to dogs at the library (have seen this advertised but think it’s usually in the school holidays). Anyway, it was just so nice to have a positive experience with J as I’ve barely seen him the past few months.

J and I have our second therapy session this Thursday evening. I have purchased a couple of games, Jenga and Snaks and Ladders as the therapist’s games were a bit young and she didn’t have many options. I expect we’ll talk a bit about our cat cafe experience too.