J and I have now had four sessions with the therapist. Our relationship has significantly improved throughout these sessions and our contact time has been positive, so much so that we have made the fortnightly weekend contact permanent and as of next school term will be having weekly contact on Thursdays after school. Hopefully this is the start of a more positive relationship with my big boy!

I managed to wean off my medication and my prolactin level is now low-normal. My bone scan results came back normal so that’s the end of that! I didn’t need the input of mental health to wean off and my moods have remained stable so now officially off all psychiatric medication! I’m quite proud of that, it’s been years and a lot of hard work.

I just get one problem sorted and I’m back with another. Well, that’s not entirely true, the latest problems have been around for some time but now just can’t put up with them any longer. Feeling like a Nanna with awful joint pains, especially my back and hip (non operated side). Possibly all muscular, doctor fobbed me off and told me I just needed to exercise more so seeing a physio which will hopefully help. My family history of spinal problems is concerning but apparently “family history doesn’t mean anything, lots of people get back problems”. So I guess I just stick with physio for now and hope that it starts to come right. I would feel more at ease actually knowing why I’m sore and whether all the joint issues are related.  It’s really affecting me at work now as I do a lot of heavy lifting and am up and down from the floor and wrestling animals.