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Today’s Positives

Messages of love Reconnection Sleep in (well, lie in as I wasn’t asleep) Professional support person who relates with similar stories Baby puppy snuggles for a whole hour Yummy new herbal teas


Having to accept things that feel intolerable is a mammoth task, I am trying and somehow I am functioning though I have no idea how. I am grieving, hard. I feel like I have nobody left in my life, my future as I saw it is gone. I grieve for the sense of ‘family’ I… Continue reading “Grief”

Today’s Positives

Court psychologist interview went great Non-judgemental professionals Someone who sees my side Caring counsellor who gives extra time to check in Friends checking in Sleep in Cooked my first meal in I don’t know how long House to myself, just me and the cat

An Ok Day

My interview today with the court appointed Psych for the children went much better than expected. So am feeling a bit more relaxed about that now. I received the confirmation letter in the post yesterday saying my claim had been accepted. My counsellor didn’t even know until I told her and was shocked they didn’t… Continue reading “An Ok Day”

Peer group Session 2

I joined a peer group last week through MHAPS (Mental Health Advocacy and Peer Support). This is a free service in my city run by people with their own lived experience of mental illness. We had our second meeting tonight…it feels a bit like AA…Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a hot mess 😂 It’s actually… Continue reading “Peer group Session 2”

Today’s Positives

Getting a full night of sleep and a sleep-in Re-engaging with my awesome peer support lady from 4 years ago Connecting with a new friend Friends who check in Not losing my shit in meeting with lawyer Talked to M, radio silence broken