Category: Weight Loss

September Update

It’s been a while and not a lot has changed to be honest.  I’m still being fairly strict with my diet and have lost a total of 6kg in 7 weeks which I’m pretty happy with, this is without exercise. Still enjoying the food though finding it difficult to eat lunch and have a bit… Continue reading “September Update”

Keto On

I made the decision to start a new way of eating when I moved to Christchurch, what better opportunity!? I have been researching the Ketogenic Diet for about 3 months now and finally took the plunge and started last week. Keto is a high fat (60-75%), low carbohydrate (5-10%), moderate protein (15-30%) diet. I am… Continue reading “Keto On”

Weight Loss

I used to be an athlete, a petite 5’4″ and 54kg at my fittest.  I slowly gained weight with each pregnancy then ballooned when my mental health declined and I was emotional eating or binging, frequently making bad choices.  I am now around 106kg, almost twice what I was at my fittest! I feel disgusting… Continue reading “Weight Loss”