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As if it wasn’t already hard enough feeling the rejection, everywhere I look I am reminded of what I no longer have or would have had. Everywhere are couples, hand in hand, taking photos in front of beautiful scenery, sending love messages, walks on the beach, sending/receiving flowers, kissing and even just going out for… Continue reading “Reminders”


Demoted to ‘friend’. Ouch. It seems that no matter how hard I try to be optimistic and provide ideas for solutions to a temporary problem they’re not good enough or I’m not worth it. There is a huge brick wall and no seeing around it nor willingness to try. We will see where this “friendship”… Continue reading “Demoted”


Having to accept things that feel intolerable is a mammoth task, I am trying and somehow I am functioning though I have no idea how. I am grieving, hard. I feel like I have nobody left in my life, my future as I saw it is gone. I grieve for the sense of ‘family’ I… Continue reading “Grief”