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Here’s a list of suicide risk factors I’ve come across on the internet: Suicidal ideation Previous suicide attempt/s Means Expression of wish to die Alcohol/substance abuse Hopelessness Impulsivity Saying goodbye to people and giving away your possessions Writing a suicide note Previous psychiatric hospitalization  Aggression Previous or current psychiatric diagnoses Family history of suicide Money… Continue reading “Why?”

Back In Respite

After writing my previous post the whole lot really sunk in deeply. I don’t know why, it’s like before I write stuff out all the thoughts are there, just loosely floating around in my head, creating chaos where they can but not seeming overwhelming. Write it all out and it’s like it solidifies everything together.… Continue reading “Back In Respite”


Something I experience a lot is emptiness. A feeling that there is a big black hole inside me. A hole that should be filled with love, personality, family, identity and life. A huge part of me is missing, the part that makes me…me. Sometimes the hole feels like a pocket, sometimes a canyon and others… Continue reading “Emptiness”